Christina Grimmie’s Family Releases A Music Video That Proves The Singer’s Talent Lives On

After Christina Grimmie’s sudden and tragic shooting death in Florida a few months ago the outpouring of grief and shock was massive. A former contestant on The Voice, her murder was a blow to everyone who knew her and for her burgeoning group of fans. Now, her family is releasing the first of four music videos that will make up a posthumous EP scheduled for release soon. The first song of the bunch, called “Snow White,” is more the beginning of a larger story than a standalone music video. It opens with Christina (called “Jess” here) talking with her friend about song-writing troubles and boy worries — AKA the standard issues of any young woman. It’s a relatable moment made emotional, when you think of all the conversations about boys Christina won’t get to have in the future.

The song is a standard pop ditty but one that is a pretty reliable ear worm after just one listen. Christina is smiling throughout almost the entire video and exudes her trademark energy that all who memorialized her referenced in their remembrances. The impending EP is called The Ballad of Jessica Blue so it’s safe to say the story in this video will be told fully in the other three music videos/songs that are set to be shared. As a project that looks as if it made Christina happy and definitely shows off her talent and joy, it is a touching and appropriate way to honor her memory and her far-too-short career.

(Via The Huffington Post)