Christopher Lee Is Back With More Amazing Heavy Metal Christmas Songs

Sir Christopher Lee may be 91-years old, but that doesn’t mean he’s too old to be a hard rock badass of the ultimate order. As I was breaking down some of the worst Christmas song covers I’ve ever heard in my life last week, I didn’t get much of a chance to get into the best of them, but that conversation would have started and ended with Lee’s heavy metal Christmas covers, like “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night.” (And we would have also then discussed his two albums about Charlemagne.)

Lee is back this year with the new songs “Jingle Hell” and “My Way,” and just watching him explain the songs and wish everyone a happy holiday drives home the point that this man is incredible for being able to pull this off at his age. Hell, if I make it to 91, I’ll be content to be able to pinch my nurse’s butt before falling asleep with apple sauce on my chin. Rock on, Christopher Lee. ROCK ON.

And here are last year’s clips in case you need a sample to convince you to get on iTunes and purchase these songs immediately.

(H/T to Daily Dead)