Chromatics Play In Twin Peaks’ Black Lodge In The Dreamy And Lynch-ian ‘Shadow’ Video

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Chromatics just got the biggest coolness co-sign for an indie band since that time Joseph Gordon-Levitt decided the world cared about bike messengers and Sleigh Bells in equal measure. The swooning dream-pop band appeared at the end of the Twin Peaks season three premiere, performing their 2015 song “Shadow.” Well, now that song has a brand new music video, and it’s the perfect mix of David Lynch’s oddness and their own strongly defined aesthetic.

Though the band performed in the Roadhouse on the show, the video features the group playing in front of the red curtains of the Black Lodge. The video is rife with split-screens and close-ups, which mirrors the other videos they have shared from their upcoming album Dear Tommy. The band — and in particular member Johnny Jewel — have been heavily involved with the reboot of the beloved series. Jewel recently released a compilation album of work across various projects called Windswept, that included music he made for the third season of Twin Peaks.

It’s far from the first time that Jewel has been tangled up in the soundtrack of a big release. He recently shared a track ahead of the controversial Ghost In The Shell remake, one of two that he made for that movie’s companion album. And it doesn’t seem like we’re done with the band appearing in this new season of Twin Peaks just yet, so keep your ears open for even more new music from them.

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