Chronixx Brings Island Vibes To The NPR Office For A Laid-Back Tiny Desk Concert

Reggae singer Chronixx has been branded as part of a “Reggae Revival” movement including himself, Protoje, and others who have begun to redirect the sound of Jamaican music away from the rough-edged, upbeat swagger of dancehall back to the laid-back, smoking-on-the-beach vibes of traditional reggae, updated with a modern delivery. His profile has been steadily rising, with appearances alongside Dave Chappelle and Lauryn Hill on Nas’ Powernomics Tour planned as well as a guest spot on Joey Badass’ All-Amerikkkan Badass from earlier this year, so it’s only right that he certify his increasing popularity with an NPR Tiny Desk Concert, which has rapidly become a rite of passage for both up-and-coming artists (like Jidenna) and solidified vets (such as Chance The Rapper) alike.

Chronixx and his band Zincfence Redemption acquit themselves well in the small space, performing songs from Chronixx’s second album, Chronology. He easily blends his ragga-style rapping with more straightforward singing, running through a laid-back set including “Skankin’ Sweet,” “Majesty,” and “Spanish Town Rocking.” The uplifting vibe of his Afrocentric, peace-praising lyrics ironically sound perfect in the office setting of Tiny Desk and make for a decent way to kill a 15-minute break. Check out the video, which was released to Youtube today, above.

Chronology was released July 30, 2017, and can be streamed here.