Chuck D Accused Marvin Gaye Of Pedophilia While Defending Bill Cosby On Twitter

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Chuck D famously called rap “Black America’s CNN.” If that’s the case, then Chuck is currently acting like Don Lemon, sticking his head in the sand as the facts of the Bill Cosby rape allegations pile up around him.

The Public Enemy leader went on a long Twitter rant partially defending Bill Cosby’s character in spite of the 32 allegations of rape that have surfaced around the comedian this year.

He whips out a nice bit of victim-blaming in several tweets.

Most notably, Chuck accuses R&B icon Marvin Gaye of pedophilia in a tweet.

It’s worth pointing out that Marvin Gaye’s wife was 17 when they met and though he did some terrible things, his relationship with Janis Hunter would hardly be considered pedophilia.

Chuck does occasionally try to start a dialogue about whether it’s possible to enjoy an artist’s work without regard to his personal life and morals, but attempting to build his case around a confessed rapist on Twitter may not have been the best idea. He notes that people still listen to Phil Spector productions and accuses the anti-Cosby hordes of “erasing history”.

He does walk it back and say that he isn’t defending Cosby at the end. Maybe Chuck was just bored.

(via Stereogum)