Chvrches Shared Their ‘Love Is Dead’ Tracklist, And It Includes A Song Called ‘God’s Plan’

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Chvrches have been teasing their imminent return for a couple weeks now, and today that return just got a whole lot more concrete — with the release of a tracklist for their upcoming new album, Love Is Dead. They’ve confirmed that the album title is Love Is Dead and shared the album’s full tracklist, which kicks off with the title track.

While it’s not certain that the image they shared is the album artwork, it’s certainly a possibility. The tracklist appears on the righthand side, and across the rest of the photograph are what seem to be handwritten lyrics taken from different songs on the album.

The band’s last album, Every Open Eye, came out back in 2015, so fans are more than eager for some new music from the prolific synth-pop trio three years later. That came in the form of the lead-off single “Get Out,” which the band released at the end of January, building off a billowing, synth teaser clip from the day before.

If you’re not great at reading handwriting across photographs, check out the full tracklist below, and stay tuned for more music and a release date, which are surely coming soon.

1. “Love Is Dead”
2. “Graffiti”
3. “Get Out”
4. “Deliverance”
5. “My Enemy”
6. “Forever”
7. “Never Say Die”
8. “Miracle”
9. “Graves”
10. “Heaven/Hell”
11. “God’s Plan”
12. “Really Gone”
13. “ii”
14. “Wonderland”

Worth nothing — one of the songs on the album is called “God’s Plan” — is a Drake collab still a daydream for these Scottish pop stars, or has it become a reality? Guess we’ll have to wait till the record drops to know for sure.