City Girls Release Their ‘Careless’ Video On The One-Year Anniversary Of Their Debut Album

A year ago today, City Girls began their precipitous rise with the release of their debut album, Period. Although they’ve since released another album, nearly become household names thanks to a timely Drake feature, and experienced their fair share of tumult, they wanted to salute the day-one fans who’ve been with them since the beginning, so they commemorated the occasion with the release of a new video from the album.

The “Careless” video reflects their humble beginnings in a number of ways, from the duo’s matching Miami Heat jerseys, to its guerilla-style direction. Unlike their more recent videos, which celebrate their success with high budget shopping sprees and glossy production, “Careless” returns them to their ratchet roots, as they march down South Beach with their crew, going on a different kind of shopping spree — the kind with five-finger discounts. The girls also tear up a hotel room and dance onstage at a club, living their best lives in the city before they became too famous for petty crime.

Now, the Quality Control dynamic duo is temporarily split up, with Yung Miami touring to promote the brand while JT serves out a 24-month prison sentence for identity theft, but the “Careless” video gives fans a window into how far they’ve come and reason to look forward to their reunion.