A Clown In Slipknot Called Slipknot ‘The Greatest Band In The World, Period’

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06.03.15 13 Comments
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It’s been too long since we’ve had a good band vs. band feud. This won’t end that streak: Shortly after Brandon Flowers said that the Killers “might be the best band in the last long time,” Clown from costumed metal group Slipknot told Rolling Stone, “We’re still well beyond everybody else. Because I know every other band and f*ck them all, man. I’m in the greatest band in the world, period. End of story. We’re the best.” But are they the best?

Do you remember where you were when Slipknot said they were better than the Killers?, your grandkids will one day ask. I was thinking of bands that are better than Slipknot and the Killers:

– Slayer
– The Wonders
– Mouse Rat
– My Puddle of Mudd cover band, Muddle of Pudd
– GG Allin and The Scumfucs

And so on. No, really. You gotta check out And So On’s first album.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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