The Biggest Surprises From Coachella’s First Weekend

04.17.17 1 year ago

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Coachella 2017’s first weekend is officially closed — which is most likely a relief to you FOMO-suffering onlookers. While some partiers didn’t want the three-day shindig to end (I, personally, can’t wait to get home so I can cuddle my cat), weekend one had a ton of highs and only a few lows. As a Coachella first-timer, here were some of things that surprised me about the Indio fest:

Water was only $2
Have you ever had to decide whether you actually need to consume water to live because it’s $6 a bottle? Of course you have — at every concert, sporting event and Lorde knows what else. Coachella’s waters were only $2, which was surprising, given that the rest of the food and drink items gobbled up my entire tax refund check. I guess they want people to stay hydrated in the desert. Smart.

95 doesn’t feel that hot when you’re already dancing
“It’s a dry heat. It’s a dry heat. Blah blah blah.” In the week leading up to Coachella, whenever anyone would tell me about “dry heat” after I complained about Indio’s sweltering forecast, I’d politely roll my eyes and scoff. Admittedly, though, once you’re under that California sun, dancing to Tove Lo and drinking $2 waters, you can’t really tell which sweat came from where.

Drake came out
Future invited Migos and Ty Dolla Sign into the spotlight for his set, but when Drake started rapping “Jumpman,” fans from all over the festival came sprinting toward the stage.

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