A Man Stole Over 100 Cell Phones During The First Weekend Of Coachella

Coachella is mostly full of people looking to have a great weekend in the sun and see some of the biggest names in music. But there’s also a significant number of folks who head out to Indio to work. Take, for example, Reinaldo De Jesus Henao. The 36-year-old from New York was caught red-handed in the act of stealing over 100 cell phones from festival attendees.

This modern-day Carmen Sandiego went to see some divas and got a taste for thievery. Acording to a press release from the Indio Police Department, Henao’s plans were foiled when several victims tracked him down using the Find My Phone feature. Henao was detained by security until Indio police could arrive, at which point they searched his bag and found over 100 pilfered cell phones.

While some phones were returned to their rightful owners, the rest were turned over to Coachella’s Lost & Found, which can be accessed here. According to KMIR, Henao was booked on charges of suspicion of grand theft and receiving stolen property, but was released after posting his $10,000 bail. Check out photos of the honestly impressive haul up top.

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