Premiere: Cofresi And Marcus Atom Search For Temporary Comfort In Their Chilly ‘Coldheart’ Video

03.09.18 11 months ago

With the East Coast United States currently slogging through yet another snowstorm, the time is right for some cold weather tunes to snuggle to. Unfortunately, that winter chill has a tendency to extend to some folks’ emotions too, which is the theme of electronic DJ/drummer Cofresi’s latest single with Gorillaz touring vocalist Marcus Atom, “Coldheart.”

In the chilly music video, Atom entertains a series of lady friends, drawing comfort from the warmth of physical intimacy. Unfortunately for those romantic partners, his heart is as cold as a snowman, which is why he hops from encounter to encounter without finding the spark that would make each relationship anything more than tepid relief from the frosty weather. As he sings “Save me from my cold heart,” it’s clear he knows this is a problem, but it seems he’s looking for the solution in all the wrong places. As he passes by one jilted ex with another paramour, he also passes on his frigid affliction, leading her to seek the same temporary warmth in the arms of the next potential heartbreak victim. That’s cold, indeed.

Cofresi is currently on his North American tour, with dates coming up in Washington DC, Philadelphia, PA, Brooklyn, NY, Iowa City, IA, Gainesville, FL, and Athens, GA. His show adds a dynamic twist to the usual electronic performance with his energetic live drumming and unique use of samples. Tour dates can be found below.


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