Coldplay’s Chris Martin Paid Tribute To Leonard Cohen With A ‘Suzanne’ Cover

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The passing of Leonard Cohen continues to be an absolute punch to the gut. Fans, journalists, peers and pretty much anyone with access to the alphabet were quick to highlight the immense impact the Canadian artist has had and point out that it’s a colossal bummer to see him go. Last night, Coldplay’s Chris Martin elected to pay homage to Cohen in song.

During the encore for the band’s London Palladium concert, Martin used the overtime portion of the gig to perform a solo rendition of the 1967 classic “Suzanne.” The frontman wasn’t shy about declaring to the crowd what Cohen meant to him.

“Sending my love to Mr. Leonard Cohen for those amazing songs, you changed my life,” offered Martin.

The fan-shot footage suggests Martin did a worthy job taking the track for a spin and it’s bound to be one of thousands of Leonard Cohen covers that will bubble up over the weekend. For more from Friday’s concert, the band’s Facebook page features a stitched together collection of on-stage and behind-the-scenes moments from the London gig. Come for the performance snippets, stay for your own personal musing about the quality of Coldplay’s dressing room signage.

(Via Consequence of Sound)

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