You Can Hear A Snippet Of A New Coldplay Song Right Now

Coldplay is one of those odd bands that are clearly huge and successful, but not necessarily “iconic” or universally beloved. They are a massive rock band in an era where rock bands are increasingly marginalized. They’ve won seven Grammys, but also five MTV VMAs, and people are excited and interested about their upcoming album A Head Full of Dreams. To help ratchet up the excitement for the album, Coldplay has released a snippet of a previously unheard track.

This is not the first bit of new music we’ve heard from Coldplay this year, as they played a new song called “Amazing Day” at the Global Citizen Fest in September. This new track is apparently called “Adventure of a Lifetime.” The catch? They only released 34 seconds of it, which, if Coldplay wasn’t such a big band, they wouldn’t get away with. Who releases 34 seconds of a song?

If you don’t feel like listening to a partial track, the rumor is that the entire thing will be out on Friday. There is another rumor that A Head Full of Dreams will be out December 4. As for the clip, it sounds like Coldplay. If you like Coldplay, it will probably excite you. If you don’t, then your opinion likely won’t change. There’s also a bunch of psychedelic imagery in the iconography that is reminiscent of Mylo Xyloto, so maybe that’s what they are channeling again this time around. We’ll find out more Friday. Maybe.

(Via Stereogum)