Colin Kaepernick Donated $34K To J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation, Which Benefits Urban Youth

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Give. That. Man. A. Job.

If only so he can continue to make charitable contributions to organizations like J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation, which benefits urban youth, Colin Kaepernick deserves an NFL contract.

He’s been “putting his money where his mouth is” for a while now (and his mouth hasn’t run nearly as much as those of wannabe pundits, coaches, and GMs, who continue to grasp for reasons his National Anthem protests are a “distraction”), so his latest $34,000 donation to Dreamville Foundation — reported by sports business reporter Darren Rovell in the tweet below — shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially after the two were photographed together with Cole rocking one of Colin’s T-shirts and shouted him out during his recent Baltimore stop on tour.

Colin’s protest of police violence against disenfranchised African-American (read: Black) and other minority citizens inspired some of hip-hop’s more outspoken representatives to voice support, including the above-mentioned J. Cole, and newcomer Saint Cassius, who released “Take A Knee” as his first foray into public awareness.

It’s also sparked other NFL players to take up his struggle, and dozens of current and former NYC police officers to hold a rally in support of Colin Kaepernick. He was far from the first player to ever protest injustice, so it’s way past time for the NFL to stop damaging its own interests and let that man play.

Kaepernick pledged to donate $1 million to various charitable organizations last September. His latest donation brings the total so far to $800,000.