Care To Watch A Full Episode Of The 'Comedy Bang Bang' TV Show Featuring Amy Poehler?

05.24.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

IFC announced earlier this year that they’d be airing a “Comedy Bang! Bang!” TV show from Scott Aukerman, host of “Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast.” We posted the first footage from the show a couple of months ago. Now a full episode guest starring Amy Poehler (who is awesome at rap battles and Joan Jett covers), Andy Daly, David Koechner, and Brian Huskey is available online exclusively for a select few people who are able to go on the internet and find posts like this one. Lucky you! (And if that weren’t enough, Scott is going to drop by next week for a chat with UPROXX readers. More details to come. Get excited.)

Each of the ten episodes features sit-downs with some of the biggest names in comedy, taking them beyond Aukerman’s couch and engaging them with the off-beat world of the series. With the help of bandleader and one-man musical mastermind Reggie Watts (Conan), Comedy Bang! Bang! reinvents the celebrity interview with unfiltered and improvisational lines of questioning, punctuated by banter and beats. Also packed with sketches, character cameos, filmic shorts and games, Comedy Bang! Bang! turns the traditional talk show on its head, delivering thirty minutes of absurd fun. [IFC]

The show premieres on Friday, June 8th, at 10:00 PM / 9:00 PM Central, but the Amy Poehler episode is available today. It mixes surreal elements with some improvisation (by people who can actually improv, thankfully) and music by Reggie Watts. We were also happy to see a guest appearance by Don Dimelo, but we were left wishing he had the chance to bring out the girls.


(H/T: Paul F. Tompkins)

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