Common Defends Snoop Dogg Against Donald Trump: ‘Hip-Hop Has Always Been About Freedom Of Expression’

It’s still kind of hard to believe that the President of the United States took time out of his schedule to take a shot at Snoop Dogg over Twitter. Welcome to 2017 I suppose. At the heart of the beef is the Long Beach rapper’s latest music video “Lavender,” at the end of which Snoop pulls out a gun and points it at the head of an actor dressed up as Trump in clown makeup. The President was not amused.

TMZ recently caught up with Common who had his own thoughts about the video and Snoop’s role as a provocateur. “Hip-hop always been about freedom of expression, that’s one of the most powerful things,” the Chicago rapper said. “Hip-hop has been like a voice for so many people… If you go think about the days of Public Enemy and you fast-forward to Kendrick Lamar, hip-hop artists have always been speaking up and saying what they feel… if it’s a president they don’t like, if it’s a politician they don’t like… if you didn’t like what was going on you speak up and we’re entitled to do that as people.”

For his part, the Doggfather has remained mostly mum on the topic thus far. Yesterday he posted a short video to Instagram with a simple message, “I’ve got nothing to say mate.”

You can watch “Lavender,” the video that kicked off this truly bizarre beef below.