‘Conan’ Has Created A Spotify Channel With Every Musical Guest They’ve Ever Had

Conan O’Brien has graced our televisions for more than two decades. In between all of the humor in that time, he’s actually been the first person to host several musical artists to a national stage, including Green Day, Weezer, Black Keys, Wilco, Maroon 5 and so many more. So, to honor Team Coco joining the streaming service Spotify, they did an incredible deep dive.

Curated by veteran Conan music booker Jim Pitt, they made a playlist for ever year the show has been on, with every single musical guest who has ever appeared on any iteration of the show. Starting with Radiohead in 1993, all the way up to 2015 and Yelawolf, who appeared this week, the playlists are completely comprehensive.

Sorting through the early years is a treat for fans of music on the fringe. Guests who would never appear on The Tonight Show or The Late Show back then like Bjork, Blur, Yo La Tengo, Uncle Tupelo, Meat Puppets, X, The Roots, and A Tribe Called Quest all appeared with Conan O’Brien.

Take a look at the Team Coco Spotify page to stroll down memory lane or even discover a lot of great music you’ve never heard if you’re new to a lot of these artists.

(Via Team Coco)