A Concertgoer Is In ICU After A Kick From A Man In Steel-Toed Boots Shattered Her Jaw At A Hardcore Show

01.29.17 2 years ago 12 Comments

Shows are supposed to be fun, sometimes life-affirming experiences. They are not supposed to be a setting where one might sustain possible life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, the latter scenario was the case at a Salt Lake City show in mid-January, where concertgoer Emily Jane Hoffman was took a roundhouse kick to the face in the middle of a set from hardcore band Code Orange. After spending nearly a week in the Intensive Care Unit, Hoffman has taken to Facebook to tell her story, and plead that people not promote violence at shows, and that those perpetrators of violence be held accountable for their actions.

“He hit my jaw so hard that it moved the entire thing to one side breaking it in two places on each side,” she wrote. “My right side of my jaw was no longer connected to my skull or muscle, it was still in my face because of my skin.”

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