Concertgoers Expecting To See R. Kelly Perform A Concert Saw R. Jelly, An R. Kelly Impersonator, Instead

If you missed out on getting tickets to see R. Kelly perform at “Ced’s All Black Affair” in Monroe, LA on Saturday night, well, consider yourself lucky.

Reports KNOE:

Fans from across the south bought tickets for the R. Kelly event at the Monroe Civic Center. Flyers called it a birthday extravaganza, but ticket holders expected something else.

“The advertisement online through Ticketmaster said that it was a Ced’s All Black Affair and R. Kelly performing live which did not happen last night,” says a concert goer that wishes to remain anonymous.

The concert goer gave KNOE reporter Jeremy Pierre footage of the concert that she believes R. Kelly didn’t even attend. Instead an impersonator was sent in Kelly’s place.

“We was scammed because 10 o’clock we was there, no R. Kelly. 11 o’clock no R. Kelly, 12 o’clock no R. Kelly, 12:45 no R. Kelly. 1 o’clock here comes an impersonator,” the concert goer says.

This morning Ced posted the following message to Facebook: “A STATEMENT WILL BE GIVEN ON TODAY AS TO WHAT ACCUTALLY HAPPEND AT THE PARTY.”

We very much look forward to reading Ced’s explanation as to what “ACCUTALLY HAPPEND” at the event.

(Via The Awl)