The New Condor Ferries Safety Video Is Full Of Embarrassing White Rapping

04.07.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Condor Ferries is continuing the long, proud tradition of white people with absolutely no rapping skills with their newest safety video.

The song, which is based on “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang, is full of classic white rap rhymes. There’s “Life jackets, life jackets, they’re right beneath your seat/They’re bold and bright with a whistle and light and look so very neat.” The production choices are just as odd, like the captain’s cartoon sunglasses at 0:26 and the purple high heels at 1:19.

It’s ridiculous lyrics and corny production values might have been intentional, though? How so? To trick passengers into watching the video in the first place. Here are a few of the best YouTube comments:

“I think I’d rather listen to this song than anything on the YouTube Music front page right now.”

“All those making horrid comments about condors video obviously take yourselves far to seriously! Its a bit of fun for heavens sake and a great way to catch peoples attention for what is ultimately an important message. Lighten up or offer Condor your services if you can do so much better :-D ”

“F— it, this made me laugh out loud. Learnt the whole thing. Amazing.”

“This is my favorite thing online, forever.”

Considering that people around the world are watching, laughing at, and commenting about it online, it looks like Condor Ferries succeeded.


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