Coolio Is Releasing A New Album Through PornHub And He Seems Thrilled About It

It has been five years since Coolio released his last album, “From the Bottom 2 the Top,” and it has been 14 years since the rapper last made any sort of appearance on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Needless to say, if the guy is planning on making a comeback at age 50 he’s going to need a hell of a gimmick, other than joining forces with the Juggalo Nation, to get everyone’s attention. According to TMZ, Coolio has found that gimmick with some help from PornHub, because a deal between the “Fantastic Voyage” rapper and the home of free porn clips has assured that Coolio’s new album will be released entirely on the same website that offers everything from double penetration to good, old-fashioned hentai.

While there isn’t any information available yet on when the first single, “Take It to the Hub,” will be released, TMZ has some behind-the-scenes footage of the shooting of the music video. Part of the arrangement between Coolio and the ‘Hub is that the website would provide some porn stars for his video, and as you can see, he looks absolutely ecstatic to be told how to pour water on random women in white t-shirts. This used to be about the art, damn it.

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