Corey Feldman Has A New Music Video About Strippers And Christmas

Two months ago actor Corey Feldman released a music video called ‘ASCENSION MILLENNIUM.’ If you missed it, it’s about him doing Michael Jackson cosplay (a Feldman speciality) while surrounded by a bunch of models (read: strippers) in lingerie angel costumes. It’s basically the life you imagined Corey Feldman would be leading as an adult when you saw him as a kid in movies.

‘Ascension Millennium’ was woefully under-reported here at UPROXX, so I’m doing my part to make sure Corey’s next effort doesn’t suffer the same fate. And hey, I’m sure Corey’s second video will be a lot better than the first. He’s learned from his mistakes, and –

– wait, this one is ALSO about him being surrounded by angel strippers? And it’s CHRISTMAS now? Hold on, wait, what?

Feast your eyes upon ‘DUH.’ That’s not a joke, or the only sound your brain can make after watching 2 1/2 minutes of this, it’s the actual song title. Corey posted a preview on his YouTube channel, and if “it’s full of angel strippers” isn’t enough, please observe a NSFW warning for the clip. It’s not R-rated or anything, but there are a lot of butt cheeks flopping around.

The recap, straight from The Corey:

Once again Corey takes you behind the gates of his infamous Feldmansion estate during the Corey’s Angels XMAS party! Full of Holiday Cheer, this video is set to a BRAND NEW SONG called “DUH” off Corey’s forthcoming solo record appropriately titled “Angelic to the Core” as this song has not been officially released yet this video is VERY special as it is the first official release of new material, Although XMAS is still a bit far off, its not too late to purchase tickets to Coreys legendary BDAY BASH event this Fri. For tickets and info please visit WWW.COREYSANGELS.COM

The sincere capitalization of Holiday Cheer is my favorite part. Actually, no, his album being “appropriately titled ‘Angelic to the Core'” is. Kudos to whoever filmed this and decided the semi-naked ladies were more important than Corey’s ability to pretend he’s in Moonwalker for once.

I eagerly await Corey’s third effort from the album, which is about him making a sandwich in his palatial kitchen while angel strippers reenact ‘Smooth Criminal.’