Country Star Trace Adkins Got Into A Drunken Cruise Ship Brawl With His Impersonator

Since the day Chris Gaines ate Garth Brooks, I haven’t listened to much country music by artists whose last names don’t end with Cash, Williams, and Tunt. But I might have to pay attention again, now that Trace Adkins has dropped his new single/my new favorite country song, “I Got Into a Piss-Drunk Fight with Myself On a Cruise Ship.”

Sources tell TMZ … Trace was headlining a country cruise headed to Jamaica. He was in the bar when something happened between him and a Trace impersonator who was doing Karaoke. Trace — who had been sober for 12 years — had fallen off the wagon and got into a physical fight with the impersonator.

We’re told once the boat docked in Jamaica … Trace jumped ship. We’re told he’s now in rehab. (Via)

So Trace Adkins is a real-life Jenna Maroney? What’s the country version of muffin tops? Bean tops?

Banner via Getty Image, via TMZ