Of Course Miley Cyrus Has Pornographic Jack-O’-Lanterns. Of Course She Does.

While she has already inspired one of the most popular Halloween costumes of the year, at least among female celebrities, Miley Cyrus is hard at work making sure that her own festivities are up to speed. First up, she carved out some fun Jack-o’-lanterns for the neighborhood kids to enjoy when they swing by her place for candy and, I don’t know, probably condoms. Naturally, because Miley’s such a radical free spirit unlike anything we’ve ever seen from a young pop singer before, she made “pornkinzzz.”

As you can see, two of them feature sexual acts and the one in the middle even has a pot leaf because Miley smokes weed and that’s so edgy and out there. She’s probably smoking a doobie right now with some friends while they listen to rock albums backwards. Is there no end to this insane behavior? Never. This story never ends horribly.