Courtney Barnett Announces Her Angry, Frustrated, And Sad New Album With ‘Nameless, Faceless’

02.15.18 6 months ago

We got a pretty strong hint a few days ago that something new from Courtney Barnett was on the way, via a teaser video that was correctly speculated to reveal the title of her next album. Now, that’s been confirmed: Barnett has announced that her upcoming record, Tell Me How You Really Feel, will be out on May 18th via Mom + Pop, Marathon Artists, and Barnett’s own Milk! Records. The announcement was also accompanied by a wacky, cat-heavy, stop-motion video (directed and animated by Lucy Dyson) for “Nameless, Faceless,” a fun midtempo rock track that’s right in line with what we’ve come to expect from Barnett.

She spoke about how the song was inspired by a Margaret Atwood quote, “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them; women are afraid that men will kill them”:

“I actually lifted it from an article, not knowing it was her quote. I didn’t know who she was until I saw The Handmaid’s Tale, and I didn’t make the connection until I was getting the album credits together. But I’d seen it a couple times in things I was reading, and I remember being like, ‘That is the strongest point.’ Because it’s so dumbed-down, it’s kind of funny — the way it flips is funny — even though it’s not a funny thing at all.”

She also talked more broadly about the album as a whole, saying that it’s about letting herself be in touch with her emotions:

“It’s definitely angry and frustrated and sad, and I was trying to actually feel those feelings, to go through them instead of pushing them away. I was really trying to use songwriting to do some work on myself in that area. There’s definitely more vulnerability on this one. I felt vulnerable writing it, even though I knew that, at the time, I was the only one seeing it, and I might never show it to anyone.”

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