Courtney Love Is Getting The Hole Gang Back Together

Courtney Love is a confusing joke without a punchline these days, but that hasn’t hurt Hole’s solid legacy. If anything, Love being a might-of-been, a never-was, a forgotten Billy Corgan-dater has only helped the reputation of Pretty on the Inside, Live Through This, and Celebrity Skin (“Hit So Hard” is a perfect song): how could someone so, well, someone SO Courtney Love make an album trilogy so damn catchy?

Kurt Cobain, probably (at least for the first two), but also, she was surrounded by the right people, and now after a 12-year break, she’s getting the Hole gang back together.

Courtney Love has told The Quietus that she, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Eric Erlandson, and Patty Schemel have put aside their differences and are currently rehearsing her new material. The four musicians last recorded together on 1998’s Celebrity Skin, and disbanded in 2002.

“I started playing with Patty and Melissa and Eric, just to see how that was,” Love told The Quietus. “We already played like three or four times in the last week.” (Via)

The timing is a little suspect (the 20-year anniversary of Cobain’s death is in a few days), but whatever. If it means taking back “Jennifer’s Body” from Diablo Cody, then I’m for it.

Via the Quietus