Courtney Love Put Her Signature Spin On Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ At A Private Party

01.06.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Hell, if Radiohead won’t play their breakthrough single, “Creep,” anymore, then this will definitely do. Alt-rock legend Courtney Love was on hand for a Linda Perry-hosted party on January 5 when she hopped on stage to cover the band’s signature tune (at least to the non-obsessives).

Given that Love was dicking about at a private event celebrating the movie Freeheld with people who are (presumably) her friends, the cover is pretty great. I’ve documented my Hole stan-dom on this very website, so take my opinion with a massive grain of salt, but Love’s ragged vocals at the end are an interesting twist on the stately, soaring sadness of the original. And yes, I think that Love has enough control over her own vocal cords to make that choice intentionally.

Love has been popping up pretty regularly in the last year, thanks in large part to the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck (and the conspiracy theory doc Soaked in Bleach). Last we heard from her, she was popping up on Empire of all places and lashing out at Kurt via Instagram. In the note, she wrote, “Jesus, Kurt. What were you thinking?” before adding that she misses the late singer and wishes that he had been around to see their daughter grow up. It’s good to see her back in her natural element on stage.

(Via SPIN)

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