Victoria Beckham Recorded Her Son Cruz Singing And We May Have The Next Pop Megastar On Our Hands

It finally happened. We’ve reached the point where the next generation of Spice is invading the world of pop. Congratulations on being ancient, everybody! See you for drinks in the mausoleum.

That cheery face you see above is that of 11-year-old Cruz Beckham, son of David and Victoria. He’s not in that familiar Instagram rectangle to tell you that Spice World is getting the Criterion treatment. Nope, the clip posted by proud mama Posh features the charming tween tackling the Faith Evans vocal portion of Twista’s “Hope.” Or is it the Bars and Melody rework from a couple years back? It’s probably the latter, but let’s say it’s the Twista/Evans cut because it’s more fun that way. (Sadly, Cruz does not plow through bars at breakneck speed like Twista, but there’s always next time.)

Not to foist too much on this kid, but he seems like someone who could have a go at being the next Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes if the mood strikes him. He has a boyish charm, can connect with the camera (that’s gotta be genetic) and the 276,000+ likes racked up in just 17 hours suggests that he’s got fans already. Factor in the likelihood that he won’t need to have a paper route to pay for vocal coaches and Cruz is halfway home to a J-14 cover. Maybe he could even pop into that Spice Girls reunion jaunt with Posh (reportedly) out of the picture.

As you might suspect, Cruz isn’t the only creative type in the family: 17-year-old Brooklyn (not named after the Gargoyles character) has entered the world of photography and 13-year-old Romeo is a Burberry-approved model who doesn’t have anything pesky like soccer or pop stardom getting in the way of the gig; 4-year-old sister Harper hasn’t taken up a pursuit just yet, but we suppose “America’s Cup champion” or “horror auteur” could be in the cards.