DaBaby Won’t Get Involved In A Diss Track Feud Because He Thinks It’s Just A Distraction

2019 played host to a lot of hip-hop feuds and diss tracks traded back and forth. 2020 will likely see more of the same, but don’t expect DaBaby to be involved in any of those beefs, because he thinks it’s a waste of time.

In an interview with RapPack, he said, “You ain’t gon’ see me doin’ no battle rap. You just don’t get thrown into a rock throwing competition. At the end of he day, that’s gonna distract you from the art. That’s gonna distract you from the money, too. You can’t talk about my mama and be in the same room as me. We ain’t playin’ like that. I can’t even play like that, so I ain’t even gon’ sit here and act like I’m cool with that.”

He also said that saying you’re the best rapper alive today puts a target on your back, and the resulting feuds don’t lead to a desirable narrative: “Then you’re gonna change the whole narrative of everything you got goin’ on. Now all people are gonna be worried about is you versus this person instead of you just becoming better and just thriving to be the best you are.”

DaBaby also cited Lil Wayne as an example when speaking about how declaring your supremacy used to be, saying, “All that they had then was the music to back up what they were saying. When [Lil] Wayne said he was the best rapper alive, he didn’t say that sh*t on Instagram: He said that sh*t on his album. Immediately after saying it, it was at the beginning of his song, he gave you music to back it. He gave you an entire song and repeated itself in the hook that he’s the best rapper alive. And then, he gave you a complete body of work, a legendary body of work right after it.”

Watch the full interview above.