DaBaby Turned His Louis Vuitton Knockout Video Into A T-Shirt

Getty Image

DaBaby really wants people to know not to mess with him. A few weeks ago, a video surfaced of the Charlotte rapper punching a heckler at one of his shows. Last week, he rapper shared a video of him brutally knocking out Cam Coldheart inside a Louis Vuitton store. The controversial viral video has gained so much traction that DaBaby turned the fight scene into a t-shirt, which he is now selling.

The t-shirt depicts an animated version of the fight. DaBaby is in the foreground wearing a champion belt and a boxing glove. Cam Coldheart lays behind him in the position shown in the knockout video. A fictional store employee stands behind the two rappers announcing, “Sir, your belt.” The employee references how Coldheart was originally in the Louis Vuitton store to pick up a belt. The bottom of the shirt says, “I’m da truth,” which was DaBaby’s victory cry post-knockout.

DaBaby is facing a hefty charge of $22,000 after his security guard knocked a man into a life-threatening coma in Boston. The victim was denied a photo with DaBaby moments before the beating took place. DaBaby shortly afterwards left the Boston club early. Club promoters are calling for him to pay a fee in replacement of his missed performance.