DaBaby Keeps Applying Pressure After His Album With A Gritty Freestyle Over Eminem’s ‘Guilty Conscience’

If you didn’t know DaBaby just released an album Friday, you’d think he’s gearing up for one based on his moves since. Tuesday, DaBaby released the video to one of the album’s tracks, “Vibez,” where he’s dodging a pack of groupies. On the same day, DaBaby visited Sway on Sway’s Universe. After explaining his rise in the music industry, the rapper freestyled over Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “Guilty Conscience” record.

“Okay, now let’s be for real, you know I got my check for real,” DaBaby raps. “I think I need to check if I’m ill, out in Beverly Hills, Unce Phil /… I like when my b*tch tell me I’m pretty, that little n—a that stay in the mirror / Mirror, mirror on the wall… / Watch your step or you will fall, tell my b*tch walk me; I’m a dog.”

In addition to releasing the video to “Vibez” and appearing on Sway’s Universe, DaBaby made an appearance on The Tonight Show Monday. Wednesday, Billboard ranked DaBaby No. 3 on their Hot 100 Songwriters Chart as well. A lot can happen in a month, as just in September Lil Nas X featured DaBaby on his “Panini” remix.

DaBaby’s second solo album Kirk is out now via Interscope Records, check out our review of the full-length project here.