DaBaby Was Released From Jail In Miami After His Arrest On Battery Charges

DaBaby is a free man, for now. The rapper was released from jail after an altercation at a Miami night club led to him taken away in handcuffs. The rapper was held behind bars due to an outstanding Texas warrant, but the police have withdrawn their warrant, so DaBaby can now return home.

According to 7 News Miami, DaBaby was released from a South Florida jail Saturday. The rapper was held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correction Center in West Miami-Dade because of a warrant for his arrest in Texas following an altercation in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. But police reportedly withdrew the warrant for reasons unknown, allowing DaBaby to walk free.

DaBaby was originally arrested Thursday by Miami police after the rapper met up with a concert promoter at a Miami nightclub to collect $30,000 he was owed for a performance. Apparently, the promoter fell short of the payment by $10,000. After realizing he had been shorted, DaBaby and his team demanded the remaining amount then reportedly punched the promoter’s friend in the face, according to TMZ. Afterward, DaBaby and his crew doused the promoter in apple juice and robbed them of $80, a credit card, and an iPhone 7.

DaBaby appeared in court Friday with a bond set at $1,500. The arrest occurred shortly after he was cuffed in his hometown for marijuana possession. The rapper claims Charlotte, North Carolina police target him each time he’s in town.