This Leaked Daft Punk And Jay Z Song Is Either Real, Or A Really Convincing Fake

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03.10.14 5 Comments

It wouldn’t be SXSW without at least one Daft Punk rumor. This year’s edition: that a leaked track of the French robots with Jay Z, “Computerized,” has made its way online. Naturally, the folks subscribed to the Daft Punk subreddit have already picked the track apart, and it might be real, maybe, possibly:

Contains elements of “Son of Flynn” off the TRON: Legacy OST: (isolated) Arpeggiated synth (from the background strings) and isolated strings (from the rest of the orchestra). JAY Z’s vocals and the vocoder vocals seem to be original content and everything except the vocoder part seems to be well-produced already. Sounds like it uses (almost) the same vocoder preset used for HAA.

EDIT: 0:02 – some filtered synth à la Aerodynamic outro / Hypnotize U intro / Ouverture (sharper here). Thx to /u/knightspore: I think the “organ synth” you mentioned might be the one used in “The Grid” and/or “Sea of Simulation” How the hell are the isolated synths and the isolated, real strings from “Sons of Flynn” in there (even HQ) if it is not a fake? (Via)

Judge for yourself below (prepare to be disappointed).

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