The French Army Played A Daft Punk Medley And Donald Trump Wasn’t Impressed

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July 14 marks Bastille Day in France, and to celebrate, French president Emmanuel Macron, U.S. president Donald Trump (the two of whom had a super long and uncomfortable handshake), and other dignitaries were treated to a parade. Once that was over, a French army marching band performed a medley of songs by one of the country’s most celebrated cultural exports, Daft Punk. Based on his expression, Trump didn’t particularly enjoy the brass-heavy combination of “One More Time,” “Get Lucky,” and “Harder Better Faster Stronger.”

A video of the performance (above, via The Guardian) cuts back and forth between the band, Macron, and Trump, the latter two not appearing to understand quite what’s going on during the “One More Time” portion; Macron smiled politely, while Trump maintained an unamused expression. Trump’s probably a purist and prefers the more electronics studio version, or perhaps the live performance from Alive 2007. Or he just doesn’t know what’s going on.

Macron lights up when he presumably recognizes “Get Lucky,” though, and while Trump’s face doesn’t really change, it does look like he said the word “beautiful” to somebody, so maybe he’s not as displeased about it as he looks. Either way, he probably likes Daft Punk more than press secretary Sean Spicer does.

Whatever the case, we’ll always have this China-centric Daft Punk and Donald Trump mash-up:

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