Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’ Sounds Just As Incredible As A Violin Instrumental

You might have missed it if you were awash in a wave of Kermit and Joe Biden memes. But people who were hanging around the Rae Sremmurd-y part of the internet last week — unable to leave, almost like they’re frozen in place — might have seen London-based violinist Daj Jordan playing a snippet of “Black Beatles.”

Well, the internet clamored for more and now he’s finally delivered. Jordan knocked out a full version of the number one song in the country with the help of Pigeons and Planes. And it sounds incredible.

Smashing together hip-hop and violin might sound odd — in fact, we’ve only really it a few times since the heyday of Miri Ben-Ari — but Jordan had a rather straightforward explanation as to why he crosses the streams so often.

“First, because I just wanted to, but also because I wanted to push the violin as a solo instrument to the forefront!” he said. “I think hip hop and violin or any genre of popular music go well together cause the violin is like a vocal, just in instrument form.”

If Jordan’s orchestral take on turn-up music is to your liking, don’t miss Migos taking their own hit songs into rarefied air with a mini-orchestra last year.