Damon Albarn Talked About A New Gorillaz Album, Kanye West, Rihanna, Drake, And Taylor Swift

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Gorillaz album on the way. Damon Albarn sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about the new LP and took some time to discuss the pop stars of the day, because even the leader of one of the biggest Brit-pop acts in history is a slave to the interviewer’s SEO Best Practices.

On the new album, Albarn didn’t offer much. He says the new album is in its early stages and is shaping up to be mostly barn-burners.

“So far, it’s really fast, and it’s got quite a lot of energy. I’ve been stuck on piano, somewhere off Broadway, for years now. I want to go somewhere completely opposite of that.”

That Broadway musical is Wonder.land, a take on Alice In Wonderland that is viewed through the lens of the internet. Albarn said the musical was about what the Web does to a person’s identity.

“It’s about identity. It’s very easy to have multiple identities, to be sort of passively schizophrenic all the time, because of social media. But it’s a lot more fun than that.”

Apparently, Albarn is no longer beefing with his longtime rival Noel Gallagher. He told Rolling Stone that he enjoys Noel’s company, and that the Oasis frontman is “hilarious.” After that, the conversation went “Control” with the interviewer spouting off names of pop stars and Albarn offering quick reactions.

Kanye West: “I think he’s pretty unique.”

Taylor Swift: “Remarkable, but not unique.”

Drake: “He’s not as consistent as he could be.”

Future: “Really interesting, and sometimes exhilarating.”

Rihanna: “Well, she’s on the cover of NME, so she must be cool.”

RiRi joined esteemed company like The Twang. She must be pumped.

Check out the whole interview over at Rolling Stone.