Pumpkin Man Is Back And He’s Dancing To All Your Favorite Songs

09.06.16 1 year ago
dancing pumpkin man


Pumpkin Man was working in the lab, late one night, when his eyes beheld an eerie sight: he’s been dancing to the same damn song since 2006, when the clip of TV anchor Matt Geiler boogying in a graveyard went viral. Granted, it’s one of the greatest songs of all-time, “Ghostbusters,” but it was time for Pumpkin Man to get some new jams. So with assistance from the Crypt-Kicker Five — and the new Twitter account “pumpkin dancing to” — Pumpkin Man is back. And this time, he means business (“means business” equals “dancing to the Hannah Montana theme song.” Real-life vampire Woody Allen is a fan).

The @dancingpmkin premise is simple: replace “Ghostbusters” with any song ever. It’s kind of like Oscar Isaac Dances to Everything, but with a goofy dancing pumpkin. Ex Machina is good — dancing pumpkins are better.

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