Pumpkin Man Is Back And He’s Dancing To All Your Favorite Songs

Senior Pop Culture Editor
dancing pumpkin man


Pumpkin Man was working in the lab, late one night, when his eyes beheld an eerie sight: he’s been dancing to the same damn song since 2006, when the clip of TV anchor Matt Geiler boogying in a graveyard went viral. Granted, it’s one of the greatest songs of all-time, “Ghostbusters,” but it was time for Pumpkin Man to get some new jams. So with assistance from the Crypt-Kicker Five — and the new Twitter account “pumpkin dancing to” — Pumpkin Man is back. And this time, he means business (“means business” equals “dancing to the Hannah Montana theme song.” Real-life vampire Woody Allen is a fan).

The @dancingpmkin premise is simple: replace “Ghostbusters” with any song ever. It’s kind of like Oscar Isaac Dances to Everything, but with a goofy dancing pumpkin. Ex Machina is good — dancing pumpkins are better.

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