Daniel Caesar Reaches Out To A Missed Connection On His New Song ‘Who Hurt You’ With T-Pain

Daniel Caesar may have a reputation for being a big, ol’ romantic softie, but as it turns out, he’s got a freaky streak a mile wide as well. His latest song, “Who Hurt You?” indulges that side of him, as he sings soulfully of strippers’ booties alongside one of the pioneers of the romantic strip club anthem, T-Pain.

“Strange new addictions picked up on the road,” Caesar croons over the hook. “Changed my opinions and changed up my flows.” Those addictions seem to lean towards those of fellow Canadian transplant Drake: “Strippers out in Vegas, New Orleans too.” While the slow-burning instrumental may fool casual listeners into thinking this is another “Get You,” it’s more like “I’m In Luv With A Stripper,” the balladeers’ version.

In a humorous twist, Caesar actually promoted the song with a “missed connections” post on Craigslist, where he admits to spending a sizable sum on a “voluptuous beauty at Follies on a Tuesday” with a blonde wig who “said you liked my gap.” Apparently, a lost phone contributed to Daniel’s misfortune, but he did get a song out of the experience; he confesses in the post, “I wrote a song about you, it’s called ‘Who Hurt You?'”

The takeaway from all this is that Daniel Caesar is a talented, multifaceted singer who can make lemonade out of any situation — but also, we should all take better care of our phones.