Danny Brown Lives His ‘Best Life’ Video In A Nostaglic Late Night Performance

Detroit rapper Danny Brown dropped by the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night for a clean-cut performance of the new song “Best Life” from his recently released album, Uknowhatimsayin?, which is out now via Warp Records. The stripped-down performance came with few frills but plenty of the signature energy for which Brown has built a reputation over the course of the past decade.

Brown begins the set seated in a deconstructed Cadillac draped in flowers in front of a backdrop depicting a ramshackle old house. The effect is almost nostalgic, like Brown sitting a reminiscing on simpler times, duplicating the video for the song which he released just a few days ago. For the second verse, he steps out onto the stage and delivers his bars as he stalks from left to right, ending the song with his signature hyena chuckle and offering a bundle of the flowers to Jimmy Fallon.

Uknowhatimsayin? is Brown’s first full-length project since 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition and is executively produced by Q-Tip. Brown has also been plenty busy with his Viceland show Danny’s House, on which he interviews celebrities like Ilana Glazer, Gilbert Gottfried, and John Salley and musical peers such as ASAP Rocky and Schoolboy Q in oddball basement hangout sessions.

Uknowhatimsayin? is out now via Warp Records. Get it here.