Watch Danny Brown’s Surreal ‘Lost’ Video For A Huge Dose Of Paranoia

Danny Brown just released a music video for “Lost,” one of the tracks off his spectacularly trippy album Atrocity Exhibition. In the song, the Detroit rapper name checks two of film’s greatest directors (“I’m like Kubrick / With two bricks” and “I’m like Spielberg/ With ill words”), so of course the music video for it had to be nothing short of cinematic.

But the video, directed by London-based visual artist Matilda Finn, feels more Darren Aronofsky than Kubrick and and Spielberg, who are known for their longer shots. In it, we see Danny Brown inside a cook house –presumably his, given his past experience as a drug dealer — packed with scantily clad women. “Lost” feels frenetic and claustrophobic, thanks in large part to the rapid editing and tight closeup shots. You feel suffocated. There’s also a sense of paranoia throughout thanks in large part to the multiple shots of a peephole, which makes a lot of sense since Danny Brown and his cohorts are literally processing drugs. Oh and also boiling money, which would make surrealist Luis Buñuel proud.

“Lost” is his first video since March’s “Ain’t It Funny,” which was directed by Jonah Hill and had a dope 1980s sitcom vibe to it. Watch the clip above.