Danny Brown Looks Back On A Year Of Raucous Shows In His ‘Savage Nomad’ Video

On its surface, Danny Brown‘s “Savage Nomad” video appears simple; a lot of backstage footage from the pre-COVID North American tour in support of his 2019 album Uknowhatimsayin? as the song plays over the grainy, hand-held shots of him and his tourmates living it up. However, the longer you watch it, the more you’ll realize just how much work and forethought went into the video’s concept. As Danny rips his way through the boisterous verses, viewers may notice how his outfit changes but the lip-sync doesn’t.

In other words, he performed a version of the song backstage at nearly every stop on the tour, then went back after the fact and spliced each video together to make one coherent whole — some of the footage even overlaps to show how many potential takes there were to choose from. Director Realestphotographerever truly outdid himself, making sure to include cameos from each of Danny’s supporting acts: Ashnikko, Skywlkr, Zelooperz, and more make appearances, acting up backstage and generally doing all the stuff you’d expect rappers to do.

Danny also used the video to promote his upcoming Bruiser Thanksgiving 7 Tour, continuing his tradition of putting on a live show each year the night before Thanksgiving. Of course, circumstances being what they are, this year’s show will instead be a live stream with performances from Bruiser Wolf, Shigeto, Tiny Jag, and Shigeto, performing from the house Danny used to shoot his “Best Life” video. Danny also provided a link to donate to benefitting youth in his hometown.

Watch the “Savage Nomad” video above.