Alison Brie Showed Off Her Freestyle Rap Skills With Danny Pudi During Live Show

In an interview with Vulture, the Internet’s girlfriend Alison Brie talked about sharing a Community trailer with co-star Danny Pudi:

It’s helped us become super-close. We try to add this whole Annie-and-Abed backstory, but it’s all unspoken; secret handshakes and stuff. It all just happens naturally, because when you talk to someone when you’re peeing — our bathrooms are separated by a very thin wall — you get really close. (Via)

Presumably, when they’re not discussing their craft or listening to the other taking a piss, Brie and Pudi are practicing their freestyle rap skill(z), which they showed off during a recent Girls concert. (We saw them in April, but alas, no rapping, only Springsteen covers.) Rap battle between Brie and Portman, please.

(Via Reddit) (Banner via Nadia Chaudhury)