Danny Trejo Gets Stabby In Slayer’s ‘Repentless’ Music Video

Slayer’s new music video for “Repentless” brought in Danny Trejo in an attempt to be as unflinchingly brutal as a Slayer song sounds. We have to say that the gory, prison riot-themed music video succeeded on that front.

The video is a blood-drenched affair full of slashed throats, Tarantino-esque blood geysers, and severed heads. Also, Slayer is playing in the prison yard, the first in a long laundry list of mistakes made by the prison administration up to and including turning your back for any reason on a man with an eye patch.

Vocalist Tom Araya said the video was intended to show a darker side of human nature in a making-of feature for Rolling Stone.

“We’re telling the story that we’ve always told about society and how humans treat each other. It can get pretty violent. It can get pretty stupid. But that’s OK. That’s human nature.”

The video is pretty great, if you have a stomach for it. In fact, the only thing I can think of that takes away from the song is that they gave it the exceptionally stupid title of “Repentless.” Not that Slayer gives the tiniest bit of a sh*t what I think.

(via Stereogum)