Dave Grohl Beers A Fan During A Show, Is Still Awesome, Obviously

I’m pretty sure I had a dream once that went something like this…

Dave Grohl: Well it’s great to be here in New Orleans. Thanks you all for coming out tonight. It’s a pleasure to perform for you all. Are you guys ready to rock?

Crowd in unison

Dave Grohl: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well we’re gonna get right to that but first there’s a fan on the front row here who looks like he could use a refill of his beer.

Cajun Boy: Who, me?

Dave Grohl: Yeah you. Would you like me to beer you?

Cajun Boy: HELL YEAH!

Dave Grohl
: My pleasure, brother. We don’t just fight foo — we also fight thirst.

Cajun Boy: (Faints)

(Via Imgur)