Dave Grohl’s 8-Year-Old Daughter Proved There’s More Than One Drummer In The Family With Her Foo Fighters Debut

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06.17.17 5 Comments

On top of debuting multiple brand new songs at Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival, the Foo Fighters introduced a temporary new band member for a cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with that member being none other than Dave Grohl’s 8-year-old daughter Harper. While reports of Harper being recruited into Josh Homme’s latest side project are unconfirmed, but it’s clear that Harper has inherited her father’s propensity for keeping a raucous beat.

It’s truly a heartwarming moment. Not many kids get to play drums with the help of Taylor Hawkins in front of tens of thousands of people and, it all came together so easily. In front of the Icelandic crowd, Papa Grohl said he simply asked Harper if she wanted to learn how to play the drums, she said “yes.” Then Grohl asked: “Do you want to get up in front of 20,000 people in Iceland and play?” Then Harper said, “yes.”

Of course, she was introduced properly by her giggling dad: “Ladies and gentleman, welcome the next generation — there’s another Grohl on the drum set now, and this is the first song she learned.” The crowd absolutely loved it, singing along as Harper pounded away. This is what rock and roll dreams are made of. Someone call Cameron Crowe to get started on the biopic!

(Via Live Music Blog)

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