Dave Grohl Is Pissed At The Emmys

Most people who watched Foo Fighters‘ HBO miniseries Sonic Highways agreed that it was a major success all around. Apparently, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences agreed by awarding the show two Emmys for Outstanding Sound Editing and Outstanding Sound Mixing. In fact, the plan was to have the group perform, making history as the first rock band to do so at the Emmys, but, apparently, that was squashed and Dave Grohl was not happy about it.

“We were supposed to play on the Emmys, and we were gonna play on the Emmys, and then they kicked us off,” a clearly upset Grohl told TMZ cameras on Sunday night. The site says that the band wanted to play a song from Sonic Highways, but Fox didn’t like that and wanted them to play half of that song and then half of their classic hit “Learn to Fly.” The band didn’t want to play a medley, instead wanting to just do one full song, specifically from their nominated work. When they couldn’t come to terms, they were cut from the broadcast.

It’s easy to see why someone like Dave would be upset. You work really hard on a project, it does well enough to win an award, and then the network allegedly steps in and says, “Just play the old stuff. Thanks!” Dave wouldn’t give up the exact play by play of what happened, but told TMZ: “Do your research.” Now that we have somewhat of an idea of what happened, it’s hard not to side with the Foos here.

(via TMZ)