Dave Grohl Is Helping A Foo Fighters Fan With Terminal Cancer Complete His Bucket List

In 2009, Ken Powell was told that his melanoma cancer, which he had been battling for 14 years, was terminal. Ever since then, the 56-year-old Australian man has been crossing items off his bucket list, including meeting his favorite band, the Foo Fighters. It was supposed to happen during the group’s recent tour of Australia, but unfortunately, Powell got food poisoning and wasn’t able to attend the concert. That’s when something pretty amazing happened.

It was a huge disappointment for [Powell], who attended all six concerts around the country, despite suffering several seizures and being unable to walk at the start of the tour.

His luck changed when his friend and Qantas flight attendant, Daniella Whitehead, just happened to be looking after the Foo Fighters on their return flight home, and shared Mr Powell’s story with them. The band was touched and Grohl…offered his support through a photo greeting for his fan, as well as passing on some souvenirs, including a signed autograph and VIP tickets to a Los Angeles show. (Via)

Powell’s daughter, Tara, set up a GoFundMe, “Ken the Foo Fighter – My Hero,” to help pay for his Los Angeles visit to meet Grohl, and also to hand over “a massive check to Melanoma Institute Australia.” You can also follow Powell on Facebook.

(Source: Ken the Foo Fighter via LoudWire)