Dave Grohl Had A Hilarious Response After Being Mistaken For A Maggie Rogers Band Member

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Music festival season is in full swing, and the biggest one of note this weekend was Pharrell’s Something In the Water festival, held in his hometown of Virginia Beach. Maggie Rogers was on the inaugural lineup, and she shared a pretty hilarious story about something that happened to her down there.

Foo Fighers frontman Dave Grohl was apparently also in town and hanging out with Rogers. In a tweet, Rogers wrote that a bartender thought that Grohl was perhaps a member of Rogers’ band. Grohl, being the good sport that he is, went along with it and had a hilarious response, insisting that he was actually her guitar technician.

Rogers wrote in a pair of tweets, “Guys a bartender in virginia beach just asked dave grohl if he was in my band. i am, as they say, ‘deceased.’ he responded ‘I’m her guitar tech.'”

It’s also worth noting that Margo Price responded to Rogers with a similar story of her own, tweeting, “A runner at a festival once asked me if I was in Blink 182.”

Unfortunately, Rogers’ set at Something In The Water was one of the ones impacted by the extreme weather the Virginia Beach area experienced this weekend. She wrote on Twitter, “so bummed not to be able to play today. big thanks to the @sitw crew for keeping everyone safe in this wild weather.”