Dave Grohl Says He ‘Would Not Be Walking Right Now If It Was Not For Paul McCartney’

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When Dave Grohl broke his leg during a concert in 2015, it seemed like the Foo Fighters tour would have to be sidelined for a while. However, Grohl’s immediate response (to keep playing despite having just broken his leg) foreshadowed that this wouldn’t be the case: Some shows were canceled, yes, but after a short break, they returned with a glorious rock throne and one of the year’s most memorable tours. In a recent interview, Grohl revealed that Paul McCartney was a big reason why the band was able to return to the road so quickly.

As NME notes, Grohl told Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper that after breaking his leg in Sweden, McCartney leaped to his aid by ensuring that Grohl received quality medical care in England. Grohl was appreciative of the assist, and went as far as to say that McCartney is the reason that he’s walking today:

“He and his family basically set up my entire surgery in London after I broke my leg. It still blows my mind. I wouldn’t be playing music if it wasn’t for Paul McCartney because I learned how to play guitar with Beatles songbooks and playing along to Beatles records. But I also would not be walking right now if it was not for Paul McCartney. He knows some good f**king doctors.”

The McCartney-Grohl love doesn’t stop there, as it was also revealed recently that McCartney played drums on Foo Fighters’ upcoming album, Concrete And Gold.