Dave Grohl Steals The Show As A ‘Weird Wolf-Looking Guard Guy’ In An Unaired ‘SNL’ Sketch

Deputy Music Editor

In case you were out in the world enjoying your life on Saturday night and didn’t watch the rough Christmas episode of SNL, you missed Foo Fighters, and specifically Dave Grohl, stealing the show with both a fiery renditition of their latest hit, “The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” and then a medley that included some Christmas favorites and their own inescapable “Everlong.” For an evening that fell short in the comedy department, Grohl provided a nice reprieve.

Well, it turns out that Grohl also could have been killing it in the comedy aspect of the show, too. As CoS points out, in a sketch that was cut for time, Grohl plays a “weird wolf-looking guard guy” that watches an interdimensional portal to a secret speakeasy. The concept of the sketch –one dude keeps trying to meet his friends at a bar on New Year’s Eve and by the time he gets there, they’ve left to another bar — is both relatable and well-executed, with Grohl stealing his moment as a troll-ish creature. It all begs the question as to why this legitimately funny sketch was cut in favor of many other unfunny ones, but that’s a question for another time.

Watch the Dave Grohl-featuring Saturday Night Live sketch above.

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